RS-485/422 Fiber Optic Converter
RS-485 Fiber Optic Converter(Point to Point)

HFD-FO-485 RS-485/422 Fiber Optic Converter The HFD RS-485/422 Fiber Optic Converter data series uses the most advanced digital technologies to provide excellent repeatable performance for today's data systems. It supports transmission of one bi-directional data channel over one multimode or singlemode optical fiber. RS422 and RS485 (2 wire & 4…Read More...

RS-485 Fiber Optic Converter Multi-drop Bus

HFD-FO-485 RS-485 Multi-Drop Bus Fiber Optic converter The RS-485 Multi-Drop Bus Fiber Optic Converter products provide an optical bus network for RS-422 or RS-485 data interfaces over a pair of multimode or singlemode optical fibers. The Terminal module units operate as the end or terminal points and provide an electrical connection and…Read More..

RS-485 Self-healing Ring Fiber Optic Converter

RS-485 Self-healing Ring(SHR) Fiber Optic Converter One Channel Multi Protocol Bi-Directional Data. The Dual Sel-healing Ring RS485 Transmission series products provide an optical self-healing ring network for RS485/422 data interfaces over two multimode or singlemode optical fibers. The system offers maximum reliability as it can recover simultaneous faults or failures in two different…Read More...