8 - Channel Analog Input (PRO-AI-8)

Do you have Analog Inputs that needs to be monitored by Modbus Master?

ProtoConvert's PRO-AI-8 is just the right solution for you. Tested with 100's of installations this 8 Channel Analog Input Converter is easy to use and quick to install.



Analog input

Eight 16-bit analog input channels of 0 – 10v input range.

Internal hardware and software calibration capabilities.

Programmable page of eight gains setting from 1x to 128x.

Burn out current source for detecting open circuit and short circuit of the sensor.

Digital Input Output

Digital input output Eight open collector digital outputs for relay driving.

Four optically isolated inputs. Each digital input pin can be configured as 16-bit counter or rpm channel independently (3 Digit before decimal & 1 digit after decimal format for RPM).


RS485 serial port at eight baud-rate speed setting from 1200 to 230400 bps (default 9600 bps) for interfacing with master (PLC, PC). Modbus protocol (RTU mode) is used for communicate with master.


Built in temperature sensor for internal CPU temperature reading (2Digit before decimal & 2 digits after decimal format).


Terminal block


24 VDC

Size  135[w] x 105[d] x 32[h] mm
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