Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • The Netbiter suite of products from Anybus are a perfect solution for remote monitoring of equipment.
  • You can remotely monitor and control your equipment over Ethernet, GSM, GPRS or 3G networks using the Netbiter range of gateways and cloud based SCADA Argos. Hence it is possible to get alarm and status information by SMS and Email which can reduce the response time considerably.
  • Remote monitoring and control is the ability to gather and visualize the various data points on your equipment that could be located at a great distance from you and hence not easily accessible. It also includes the ability to send control signals to the equipment to carry out vital functions.
  • Depending on your remote monitoring requirements and the location of your equipment in relation to the monitoring station, we can tailor the perfect remote monitoring solution for you using Netbiter.
1)    For situations where local remote monitoring is required: The equipment that needs to be monitored is on the same local area network as the monitoring station.

  • Using the Netbite Webserver 100/200 gateways with built in Webserver for LAN applications
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  • Alarm and Status handler (notifications via SMS, E-mail and SNMP)
  • Data logging with graphical trend graphs
  • Transparent interface between serial Modbus-RTU and Modbus-TCP Ethernet

2)    For Situations where the remote monitoring is required in a global scenario:

  • The equipment that needs to be monitored is located at a great physical distance from the monitoring station. Typical situations are where equipment is located in remote sites and/or areas which are un-manned and difficult to reach.


  • The capability to monitor and control equipment needs to be made globally available such that one can get alarm, status information and detailed process HMI from any part of the world over internet.
  • Using the Netbiter EasyConnect gateways with the Cloud basedNetbiter Argos WebSCADA
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  • Automatic Netbiter Argos™ data center integration with full access to all Argos features
  • Connects to I/O or serial based field equipment via GSM/GPRS or Ethernet networks
  • Provides a unique and secure connection for devices behind firewalls, eliminates IP addresses and VPN tunnels