Netbiter Easy Connect Gateways and Netbiter Argos Web SCADA (Cloud based)

The combination of Netbiter Easy Connect gateways and the Netbiter Argos Web SCADA enables remote monitoring, control and visualization of your equipment from any part of the world using a web browser on your computer or hand held.

The EasyConnect Gateways can also provide alarm and status information on GSM/GPRS networks and Ethernet. Hence this information can be sent via SMS or Email.

  • The Netbiter Easy Connect series gateways are a perfect solution to monitor and control devices that are located on remote locations that are difficult to access or unmanned.
  • The Netbiter Easy Connect gateways collate data from field devices and this data is sent to the Net Biter Argos SCADA over internet. The Argos SCADA is cloud based and hence the collected data is available centrally and accessible from anywhere in the world using a simple web browser.
  • The NetBiter Argos is a complete SCADA package. Hence it has features that enable design of an HMI and process diagrams and animations. It is possible to tabulate and get alarm and status information in a desired format. It is also possible to send back control signals to the Easy Connect gateways.