Netbiter WebServer (WS) 100/200 Gateways

Gateways with an inbuilt Webserver for remote monitoring of equipment on a Local area network. Alarm and status information can be sent by SMS or Email via GSM/GPRS.

  • The Netbiter WS 100 and WS 200 series gateways are a perfect solution to monitor and control devices that are located on the same site as the monitoring station.
  • The Netbiter WS100 and WS200 gateways have an onboard webserver hence they can serve the collected data in the form of web pages over an Ethernet connection. Hence it will be possible to have access to all the data points and status information using a simple web browser on any computer that is connected to the same Ethernet network as the gateway.
  • The gateways also contain built-in features for alarm handling, data logging and configurable web pages for monitoring and control data from remote devices.