ProtoConvert Onsite Gateway || ProtoConvert Onsite Conversion
ProtoConvert ‘On-Site’ software is a Java-based XML software solution for remote monitoring and control issues. The prime objective of this solution is to enable remote monitoring and control of field equipment from any location using web browser.

The concept of ‘On-Site’ solution requires a combination of software as well as hardware support. It has been designed to ease the task of Admin (Manager/ Employer, etc.) as well as User (E.g. Assistants/ Employee, etc.). The software provides enhanced Graphical User Interface to keep a close eye on the site, and provide real time updates of parameters.

It is one-stop software for Admin to manage parameters on the site as well as manage and alert users, without physically being at the site. In case of emergency, e.g. physical parameters like temperature or pressure at site, exceeds the limits, it employs features like SMS and E-mails to alerts the Admin as well as Users.

Technical Background

The ‘On-Site’ software reads data from ProtoConvert device1. Furthermore, this data is processed and presented to the user.

 Server  TomCat 6.0 and above. 
 Database  MySQL
 WAMP  Tool use for phphmyadmin interface and data traverse using port 80
 Operating System (OS)  Windows/ Linux
 Java-platform  jdk 1.7
 Spring MVC  springframework 3.0.3
 Hibernate ORM  hibernate 3
 JAXB  JAXB technology for XML marshalling and unmarshalling
 Ajax  Update on fly data

System Requirements

System Type   64-bit Operating System
 RAM  8.00 GB

Local and Remote Monitoring Overview

Using this software, you can read and write data to/ from your field devices using LAN or Internet. Please refer the block diagram below for different scenario of Remote Monitoring over LAN or TCP/IP

Block Diagram of Local Monitoring

Onsite-Remote Monitoring over AN

Block Diagram of Remote Monitoring using Internet

Onsite-Remote Monitoring over TCP/IP

Write back to us for demo or more detail about ProtoConvert - Onsite Remote monitoring software