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Audio Amplifier System Integration

Project Overview:

  • In a Multiplex there were about 23 Amplifiers linked to a switch and wanted to read data on BMS (Building Management System).

Initial Situation:

  • Each of the Amplifier had 7 channels and each channel was connected to a speaker.
  • Maintenance team initially controlled each amplifier manually.
  • Amplifier was able to communicate on Telnet Protocol.
  • Existing BMS supported SNMP Protocol.

Customer Requirement:

  • Customer wanted to Monitor and Control the status (On / Off) of all the Amplifiers.

Solution Provided:

  • ProtoConvert suggested a gateway which could communicate between Telnet and SNMP (v2c).
  • All the Amplifiers, ProtoConvert Gateway and BMS were connected in a network with multiple switches.
  • Amplifier was configured as Telnet Server while BMS was configured as SNMP Client.
  • ProtoConvert configured a Gateway such that it could get the data on Telnet and Serve on SNMP.
  • As both the protocols are Ethernet based, ProtoConvert configured the gateway in a way that it could communicate both the protocols on a single Ethernet port.


  • As a result ProtoConvert displayed Amplifier’s status successfully on MIB Browser.


  • Telnet
  • SNMP (V2C)
  • Amplifier
  • BMS
  • MIB Browser
  • Manage Engine MIB Browser
  • SNMP walk
  • Solar Wind SNMP Walk
  • CISCO Switches
  • 7 Channels Amplifier