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A multiplex located in Dubai has 5 Screens. There are a different number of VAVs placed on each screen. Multiplex ticket booking system gives an output in XML Format.


  1. In Screen 1 and Screen 2, there are 57 VAVs’ each, and Screen 3,4 & 5 have 23 VAVs’ each.
  2. In Screen 1 and Screen 2 number of seats is 90. Whereas the number of seats on Screen 3,4 & 5 is 30.
  3. It was a waste of Power and Energy to keep all VAVs open even if 50% or less than 50% of seats were booked.
  4. The same situation was faced on all the screens.


To save Power and Energy, the Customer was looking for a solution that can operate VAVs’ on booked tickets and also want to monitor and control the below-listed parameters based on booked tickets.

  • Damper Position
  • Sound System
  • Light
  • Room Temperature
  • Temperature setpoint
  • Damper control from BMS

Since all the VAVs’ provide an output on Modbus RTU Protocol while Johnson Control BMS understands only BACnet IP Protocol, and the Booking system gives data in XML format, direct communication between them is not possible.


On analyzing the situation, ProtoConvert has come up with a flexible and effective solution.

We offered them our solution wherein all data are converted from Modbus RTU to BACnet IP using our Gateway device and all the Ticket Booking systems get the data via XML using our server application installed in their IT room.

ProtoConvert’s solution gets the data from the Ticket Booking system in XML format, analyzes the data, and programs the Gateway like it only turns on those VAVs’ which comes up on the booked seats.