Tested Devices

Lighting Control System

Project Overview

  • Lighting system on metro stations is normally controlled using a standalone controller. The controller supported 3rd party integration using Telnet and it was required to control the lighting on the station using 3rd party logic controllers and SCADA application.

Initial Situation

  • Metro Station had lighting system connected to Lighting Controller.
  • BMS was also located on the same site.
  • Lighting Controller supports Telnet Protocol for 3rd party integration
  • BMS understands Modbus RTU Protocol.

Customer Requirement

  • For monitoring and controlling the lighting system on a metro station, authority wanted to control the switching on and off the lights. BMS also helps in getting the status of the lights.
  • Since the lighting controller works on Telnet and BMS understand Modbus RTU, a direct exchange of data between them is not possible.

Solution Provided

  • On analyzing the situation, ProtoConvert has provided an effective solution.
  • ProtoConvert Gateway suggested a Gateway which have 1xRS485 Port, 1xRS232 Port and 1xEthernet Port which understands Telnet and Modbus RTU Protocols.
  • We connected Lighting Controller with our Gateway on RS485 Port and BMS on RS232 Port.
  • We configured our Gateway such that it will fetch the data from controller and serve it to BMS on RS232 in Modbus RTU Protocol.


  • Using our own Telnet Simulator we got the data to our Gateway and with the ModScan tool we could successfully display the same date on BMS.


  • Telnet Protocol
  • Lighting controller 
  • BMS (Building Monitoring System)
  • Modbus RTU Protocol
  • Lighting Control System Integration
  • Lighting System
  • Telnet Simulator