ProtoConvert IIot, Remote monitoring solutions converter and gateway

Tested Devices

Modbus/BACnet to JSON Gateway
This Gateway/Convert supports Modbus RTU , Modbus TCP/IP and  BACnet IP Protocols.

This embedded remote monitoring and control solution can connect with field slave devices (on RS232 or RS485 or Ethernet port) retrieve the data and provide it in JSON format.

ProtoConvert JSON Gateway

Model No : 

Modbus RTU to JSON Gateway  : PG-100-113

Modbus TCP to JSON Gateway  : PG-101-113

BACnet IP to JSON Gateway      : PG-103-113

It is possible to configure the any of the above unit as JSON client thereby posting the data to a remote endpoint.

There is also another model which supports GSM/GPRS modem on board Model code: PG-100-113-M, PG-101-113-M and PG-103-113

Some information about JSON format:

JSON is JavaScript Object Notion.

JSON is Open file format to store and exchange the data. JSON is very easy to understand by human and as well as for machine. So it is very easy to parse JSON data. It is derived from Javascript. It is pair of attribute and value in array format. This format is supported by all major browsers. Now a days it is used as alternative of XML. JSON is language independent.

So we can use JSON data for any software program or API for further processing and analyzing.