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Product Description:

The M-Bus is a bus optimized for the reading of measurement instruments like energy counters, hot and cold water counters, gas, pressure, sensors and actuators, etc. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers implement the M-Bus interface in their counters, making it the ideal basis for remote reading applications. Our M-Bus Master (M-Bus converter) is universal and simple M-Bus Master that can be connected up to 250 M-Bus devices. This device also converts M-Bus signal to RS232 or RS485 so basically you can integrate this device in your remote data acquisition systems with ease.

Product Features: 

  • RS485 transmission direction: automatic
  • Supports Bi-directional communication
  • MAX amount of MBus devices: 250 (375mA)
  • MBus short connection protection: yes
  • Power supplier: 90-250V ~, 50-60Hz
  • Mounting type: on DIN rail


 M-Bus Master / M-Bus Converter is dedicated to convert M-Bus signal to RS232/RS485 and vice versa. Up to 250 M-Bus devices can be connected to M-Bus Master / M-Bus Converter.


 Technical Details:

 M-Bus – RS 232
 M-Bus – RS 485
 up to 15 meters
 Baud Rate
 speed up to 9600 brps
Yes  Yes
 M-Bus Device
250 Maximum
 250 Maximum
 RS-232 Device
 1 Device on RS 232
 RS-485 Device
   31 Device on RS485
 Power supply
 90-250V~, 50-60Hz
 Over-voltage Protection
 Power consumption
 300mA MAX
 M-Bus line power
 mark 36-40V, space 24-27V
 Adjustment to M-Bus loads
 M-Bus short circuit event current
 M-Bus short circuit reaction time
 Configurable, 1-4s.
 Recover after short connection
 Configurable, 10-60s.
 Operating temperature
 -20 to +50 o C
 Storage temperature
 -50 to +70 o C
  Humidity  5 – 95%, non-condensing
 Off line
 M-Bus not loaded (ON)
 M-Bus data transfer
 M-Bus data receiver
 M-Bus power (ON/Off)
 M-Bus short connection
 DIN rail mountable
 105x75x45 mm
 Weight  170 g
 Warranty  1 Years