Tested Devices

Rack Cooling System Integration

Project Overview

In a leading hospital in Ahmedabad, LCP (Liquid Cooling Package) and CMC Cooling systems Panels were installed. Client wanted to get the data from the panels and display it on the installed Honeywell BMS.

Initial Situation

The server room on the site had 3 LCP and 1 CMC Panels and Honeywell BMS installed.

The LCP and CMC Panels supports SNMP Protocol, while Honeywell BMS understand Modbus RTU Protocol.

Customer Requirement

From these panels, customer wanted to monitor and control the data like Rack Temperature, Rack Voltage, Rack Door Status and get notification of Alarm on an occurrence of the parameters like Over temperature, Rack door open, Power Failure from their Honeywell BMS.

Since the panels supports SNMP Protocol and Honeywell BMS understand Modbus RTU Protocol, a direct exchange of data between them is not possible.

Solution Provided

·      Investigating the situation, ProtoConvert provided an achievable solution.

·     ProtoConvert suggested a Gateway which have 2xRS485 Ports and 1xEthernet port. The BMS was connected on 1xRS485 Port and the panels were connected on an Ethernet Port on the suggested gateway establishing an Ethernet connection with an IT network.

      As required by the customer, ProtoConvert team configured the device as SNMP v1 client on Cooling Panel end and Modbus RTU as a Server on BMS end which allowed to display the wanted data on BMS.


Using the MODScan testing tool, ProtoConvert team submitted PCR (Project Completion Report) of integration of rack cooling system data on BMS.


  • Rack Temperature
  • Rack Voltage
  • Rack Door Status
  • Rack Door Open
  • Over Temperature
  • Power Failure
  • Honeywell BMS
  • SNMP Protocol
  • Modbus RTU Protocol
  • CMC Panel
  • LCP Panel
  • Data Center
  • Data Center Integration
  • IT Panel Integration
  • Cooling System Integration
  • Liquid Cooling Package System Integration