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BrightCore BACnet Lookout Standard version 2.5

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BrightCore BACnet Lookout Standard is an easy to use engineering tool enabling you to scan, discover and generally manage your BACnet networks. It is not just an ordinary BACnet explorer through which you can monitor or read properties. It also enables you to build your specified monitor and COV lists and later save or load them back in the program. You can detect alarm and event states on specified devices through GetAlarmSummary. It also enables you to export and import from your BACnet network using EDE format and later use it in your own product or application. 

Hardware Required for BACnet MSTP(included on purchase)

* USB to RS485 interface (BACnet compatible) 

  • BACnet IP
  • BACnet Ethernet communication protocol
  • BACnet MS/TP: USB to RS485 interface (included with purchase) required

Alternately a BACnet MSTP to BACnet IP router can also be used.

  • Property Monitor
  • Shadow device (Foreign Device Scan)
  • Import EDE Object List
  • Export EDE Object List
  • Save project
  • Load Project
  • Incremental Who is Scan (device discovery)
  • BACnet Error report
  • System message indicator
  • Licensed electronically (Key file) 
  • Who is
  • COV Subscription
  • TimeSynchronization Services
  • UTC Time Synchronization
  • ReadProperty,
  • ReadPropertyMultiple,
  • WriteProperty
  • UnconfirmedEventNotification,
  • GetAlarmSummary services
  • COV Event Notification List
  • Alarm Summary List
  • Notification Event List
  • Get Event Information Service
  • Create BACnet Object
  • Delete BACnet Object
  • Reinitialize Device
  • Device Communication Control