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Tested Devices

MQTT Gateway

The PG-100-121 gateway enables exchange of data between a Modbus RTU system and an MQTT based system. This gateway can be configured to read data from a Modbus RTU device and then publish it on MQTT.

PG-100-121 has on-board memory on which we can log up to 100000 Modbus values. Hence this device can be used as Modbus data logger. PG-100-121 has onboard web page on which you can monitor live data in tabular format and write back commands.

You can download report of stored value in .csv format for your back up or for further processing.

ProtoConvert Gateway

Model No : 

Modbus RTU to MQTT Gateway  : PG-100-121

Modbus TCP to MQTT Gateway  : PG-101-121

BACnet IP to MQTT Gateway      : PG-103-121

Basic information about MQTT Gateway: