VAV Integration

Project Overview

  • There were around 237 well-known brand VAVs’ in a Bank Corporate Building distributed unequally on different floors and wanted it to communicate its data on BMS.

Initial Situation

  • The Corporate Building had 6 different floors and on each floor approx. 40 VAVs’ were installed.              
  • With the help of 2 Daisy Chains (Loops) 20 VAVs’ (in each chain) were connected to get the data on BMS.
  • All the floors had the same Scenarios.
  • BMS was located on the ground floor of the same Building.

Customer Requirement

  • For the easy management of cooling system in premises, authority wanted to monitor and control VAVs’ data like Damper Position,
        Set Point,
        Actual CFM (Air Flow)
        Room Temperature,
        Temperature set point and 
        Damper Control from their installed BMS.
  • Since all the VAVs’ provides an output on BACnet MSTP Protocol while Siemens BMS understand only BACnet IP Protocol, a direct communication between them is not possible.

Solution Provided

  • After analyzing the situation, ProtoConvert has come up with a feasible and an effective solution.
  • ProtoConvert suggested a Gateway which have 2xRS485 Ports and 1xEthernet port that understands BACnet MSTP and BACnet IP protocols. The two Daisy Chains were connected on each RS485 ports and an Ethernet cable was connected to an Ethernet port of the suggested Gateway establishing an Ethernet connection with an IT network.
  • Considering the customer’s input details, ProtoConvert team configured the Gateway as BACnet MSTP Client on RS485 Ports (where VAVs’ are connected) and BACnet IP Server on an Ethernet Port. Henceforth, this allowed the Gateway to fetch the data from VAV and serve them to BMS to read the required data and display it on BMS display.


  • Using third party tool like BACEYE, ProtoConvert team submitted PCR (Project Completion Report) of presented VAVs’ data on BMS.
  • Similarly, we have effectively integrated JCI VAV, Honeywell VAV, BlueStar VAV, Hitachi VAV, Tri-Star VAV on different locations like IT Building, Theatres, Hotels and many more.

Key Words

  • Tri-Star VAV
  • Honeywell VAV
  • BlueStar VAV
  • Hitachi VAV
  • Damper Position
  • Set Point
  • Actual AirFlow
  • Actual CFM
  • Room Temperature
  • Termperature Set Point
  • Damper Control
  • Siemens BMS
  • BACnet IP Protocol
  • BACnet MSTP Protocol

Tested Devices