XML to BACnet IP Gateway || XML to BACnet IP Conversion
Protoconvert recommends the FieldServer gateway for your XML protocol conversion requirements. We configure and sell FieldServer gateways. We will help you find the right solution for your requirement and support you with the configuration and commissioning. 
This gateway can read XML data from your XML devices and publish it as BACnet IP data.

It can also write to the XML devices.

This gateway can also do the reverse, read BACnet IP data and publish it as XML data.

It can also write to the BACnet IP devices.

In summary, this gateway can act as:

Client/Master on the XML network: Hence it is capable of reading data from the various XML slave devices and writing data to them if required.

Server/Slave on the XML network: You can use the gateway in this mode if you have a XML master on the network which would be reading data from the gateway.

Client/Master on the BACnet IP network: Hence it is capable of reading data from the various BACnet IP devices and writing data to them if required.

Server/Slave on the BACnet IP network: The gateway can be configured to be a server of data values, hence another BACnet IP client can read data from the gateway and write data into the gateway.



Protocol Datasheets

Hardware Datasheets

Configuration Manuals


FieldServer Gateways for XML-BACnet IP:

This table lists the different FieldServer hardware platforms which support XML-BACnet IP conversion. You can make a choice depending on the number of serial/Ethernet /lonworks ports you require and the point count capacity being considered.

We will help choose the right gateway model for you. Please contact us with your detailed requirement.

Device Type 

Serial Ports

Lonworks Ports

Ethernet Ports

Base Point Count Capacity

Extended Point Count Capacity

 Quick Server






 Enhanced Quick Server 








1xRS-232 System Port






How to configure the FieldServer gateway?

-We will configure the gateway for you based on your requirement and support you during commissioning of the gateway, so you do not have to worry about configuring the FieldServer gateway.

-However, it is very helpful to know how to configure the devices. All the required tools and supporting product manuals with be provided completely free of cost with your purchase.

-Configuration of the FieldServer is done using a '.csv' file. This file can be edited using any text editor (example Microsoft excel).

-In this file we need to enter information for the Client and Server side interfaces of the FieldServer. This includes but is not limited to:

                Node ids of the slave devices

                IP addresses/device address of the slave devices

                Baud rate, parity, stop bits for serial communication

                Scan rates

- And finally we need to create an internal mapping that would map each data value read on the client side to a data value on the server side.

-For detailed information on configuration please get in touch with us and review the configuration manual on top of this page