RS422/485 Isolator/Reapeater (PRO-R-01)

Do you have  Multiple Serial RS422/485 devices which are essential and expensive on the network and are they at huge distances from the control units?

Wouldn't it be nice if your expensive device is isolated from the remaining network so that it does not get damaged due to any fault on the network and also extend the data transmission length to up to 1.2Km?

ProtoConvert's PRO-R-01 is just the right solution for you. Tested with 100's of installations this RS422/485 Isolater/Reapter is easy to use and quick to install.

The model PRO-R-01 is high speed RS 422/485 isolator (repeater). It boosts RS 422/485 signals up to 1.2 km. Over one or two twisted pair.


Optical isolation  1.5 KV
Interface  RS 422/ RS 485- 4 wire/ RS 485- 2 wire
Operation  1) Point to point (RS 422)
2) Multi-drop full duplex (RS 485-4w)
3) Multi-drop half duplex (RS 485- 2w)
Speed  9600 bps to 38.4 kbps 
Connectors  Terminal block. 
Indications  Power, Transmit & Receive. 
Power  115 v ac / 230 vac /24 dc
Size  45[w] x 110[d] x 75[l] mm.(din rail)
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